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Jordi Elias. Preparing text in English

Jordi Elias. I was born in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain) in 1964. I graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and as shown on this website I live between two worlds: illustration and photography.


   I’ve always had the impression that both worlds are link together, in fact I unconsciously travel between them without realizing it, in some way It’s like entering o leaving your home. Illustration approaches me to the inner world and photography to the outer.


   Illustration helps me to connect with the depths of my being, with my unconscious, go to the essence. This is for example the soul of the book "Portales" published in 2008.

   Photography allows me to give a poetic look of what I have in front. Reinterpreted from the silence the atmosphere that you breath.


   About Photography and the wine world the truth is that at first I took me some time to get "tuned".

   In the early years when a client invited me to taste their wine I automatically used answer:

-No thanks; I'm into beer (matters of belonging to the Rugby world).

One day a good friend of mine, wine and rugby lover said to me:

-Inside of a glass of wine you will find in a liquid form the flavour of the landscape and the brushstrokes of the artists who grow it.


   I don’t think that right now I’m able to understand wine with all this depth, but after a while between sketchbooks and brushes, cameras and lenses, I do have the certainty that the link that catches me between the two worlds is the pleasure of creating something new, the pleasure of conveying emotions.


© 2013 by Jordi Elias. All rights reserved.

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